Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum amount I can exchange?

Minimal amount for exchange is 0.005 BTC. Transfers with smaller amount will be returned to the sender!

How fast is exchange from one virtual currency to another?

Funds will be send after 1st confirmation of the network. The process is fully automated.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

Please take care when placing your orders as once an order has been submitted and payment has been received, it is often not possible to have it cancelled or reversed.

Why does my wallet display a different Bitcoin amount than I ordered?

The constantly fluctuating value of bitcoin means that the current value of your order will be constantly changing. To solve this problem and give you possibility to order exact amount that you wish we provide you 15 minutes timeframe to pay your order. You will see the ticker on your order page. If we receive payment from you until this timeframe expires, you will get ordered amount. If we receive your payment later, we transfer the amount of BTC as calculated using the current rate at the time your transfer was arrived to us.

Is the registration obligatory on your site?

No, we do not demand the registration. However, if you register on our service, you will automatically become the participant of the cumulative discount program and the referral program.

How to make an exchange on your site?

You should choose the exchange direction and fill in an exchange order. Click Exchange button and follow the instructions available on the confirmation panel of the exchange request. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please, contact the operator via online help.

I have not specified the payment note. Is that an issue?

While making an order you will receive careful instructions explaining what kind of payment purpose should be specified when making a payment. If this note is not specified, we reserve the right to return the amount to the requisite details you specified in the order. The procedure can take up to 6 days. All fees are charged are laid on the client.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We have a pretty clear and transparent affiliate program which can bring you 50% of our earnings for the exchanges of the users you quoted. You can monitor the operations of your referrals within your online account. You will find the detailed information after the registration in your Personal Account.

What bonuses are available for the regular customers?

While making any exchange, the registered user already participates in the formation of his/her cumulative discount. After reaching any of the stages of our Loyalty program, You get a coefficient applied to the formation of the favorable exchange rate working for you under the every exchange thereafter. That means that every your exchange is now discounted. You can find the detailed information after the registration in your Personal Account.

Bitcoin operation is not confirmed for a long time. What does it mean?

Transfers in Bitcoin system may keep the status of “Unconfirmed Transaction” for a long time. Typically, this happens due to the fact that one of the operations does not process. According to the rules of Bitcoin network such a problematic transfer is attached to another block and then is processed according to the standard procedure. If this does not happen, the funds are returned to the sender within 1-7 days. Unfortunately, our exchange service doesn’t have an influence on the processing speed of such transfers. After being deposited or returned to the sender the issue with the application will be resolved by its completion or cancellation with the return of all monetary obligations of each party if such payment is delayed for a rather long period of time. The decision is taken towards each case separately.

Is it possible to exchange a bigger amount that is indicated on the website?

Yes, it is possible. You need to contact the operator via the online help and discuss the details of the exchange within the working hours. We will try to provide our reserves with the necessary means for your operation. You can also leave a request on the site to monitor the reserve. A notification will be sent to your e-mail as soon as we have the amount needed.